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Today a person can virtually tour destinations at the touch of a finger, gather information in a split second, communicate with distant destinations on their way home or the office, and plan customised adventures through simple online platforms. By failing to connect with and captivate this virtual audience, many tourism enterprises are currently fighting an uphill battle. Start marketing with specific purposes. Mix2Travel offers comprehensive, integrated and innovative tourism marketing services and tourism consulting services for a wide range of tourism businesses and destinations.

With projects and client bases in many countries across the globe, Mix2Travel maintains constantly in-depth market research and knowledge of a variety of tourism niche markets which are quite unique.

Our team of experts can take you through the branding and design process, develop and manage your website, create and run online social media campaigns and provide projections and reporting on the return of investment for your tourism marketing strategy.

Marketing & Communication

Mix2Travel develops appropriate tourism marketing strategies so we can increase our partners efficiency results. We also put these strategies into action through our marketing program All In One, and we consider traditional and digital marketing elements and focus on how to generate as much visitor revenue as possible for each marketing Euro. Our target is that the return on investment should be threefold. Our partnership with groups ensures that we have the most recent data and insight on trends relevant to the target markets where our partners operate.

Position Analysis

The position analysis assesses the brand’s current online marketing activities and how the company is performing against its competition.

Target Markets

Detailed profiles of the most valuable potential travellers.

Brand Overview

Summary of the brand pillars as they relate to target markets.

Strategic Goals

An outline of the specific marketing objectives with comprehensive set of key performance indicators to monitor the success of each marketing initiative.

Software and Systems

Recommendations of platforms and tools to best leverage marketing programs, including customer relationship management software, online marketing integration, and inventory management platforms.

Website Optimization

A set of website improvements to enhance the user experience and ensure that it is found on search engines by key target markets.

Social Media

A plan to create and engage with online communities across the platforms best designed for the destination and its markets.

Media and Public Relations

Assessment of important online and traditional media outlets and a plan for engagement through education, events, and specialized trips.

Cross-platform Campaigns

Concept and implementation of one to four campaigns to significantly drive awareness of a targeted component of the brand.

Policies and Procedures

Detailed explanation of the use of each platform.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Key performance indicators, targets, and monitoring methodology for each marketing initiative.

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Tourism enterprises can have a very positive impact on their destinations by creating jobs, contributing to GDP, bringing in new consumer markets for goods and services, increasing an area or destination visibility, all while protecting the local environment and preserving its art and cultural heritage. All of these benefits do not occur automatically, and must be properly integrated into the business planning process when creating a business strategy in the tourism industry. Mix2Travel has assisted with various tourism business projects – from Africa to Latin America – to maximise its own objectives.

Through our business management planning process and strategy, Mix2Travel will develop a step-by-step report that clearly articulates consumer demand driven products and services, and can serve as a powerful tool to attract funders and investors. Our plans analyse opportunities and demand for products and services, size up competition, reveal competitive advantages, identify target markets and strategies to reach them, and present a clear financial plan of both revenue and expenses.

Mix2Travel understands the tourism industry and has expertise in market analysis, competition analysis, strategic positioning and financial modelling. Our team of business development and strategy experts transform tourism assessment information and tourism product concepts into full-fledged business plans and tour packages. Our business plans take into account the conservation and development objectives and clearly articulate the resources needed to realise those goals. At the end of this process the entrepreneur holds in his or her hand a document to attract investors and guide enterprise and product development, sales and marketing, training, financial management, and operations.


The primary aim of strategic tourism and business planning is to bring stakeholders together and provide them with tools to work collaboratively to transform a set of attractions, activities and services into a travel experience.

The key to the success of a destination development effort is ongoing and monitored management. The most critical functions of a Destination Management Company (DMC) are:
• Creative Experience Development – development of unique products
• Tourism Branding and Tourism Marketing – branding development services, graphic design services, social media, internal and external communication
• Market Access – reservations systems, accessing existing distribution networks
• Ensuring Brand Integrity – standards, certification, and training
• Customer Relationship Management – at the retail and wholesale level, confidence and lasting partnerships are essential
• Representation – giving stakeholders a unified and more powerful voice
• Financial Sustainability – through strategic business planning, we can create a solid financial presence in the market

Mix2Travel provides end-to-end solutions for new and existing DMCs to successfully take on all of these responsibilities, and create and implement business plans that will provide them with the financial resources needed to carry them out on an ongoing basis.

Mix2Travel also assists DMCs with the following visitor services that provide a more defined and memorable sense of place:
• Visitor Centre Development and Management – providing a hub for tourism information, trade promotion, and destination marketing
• Visitor Interpretive and Directional Signage– destinations such as a beach in the Algarve or a Castle in Ireland have benefited from Mix2Travel’s assistance in planning, creating and disseminating the necessary informative and interpretive information to enrich the tourist experience
• Digital Applications – Mix2Travel has partnered with BrainTech to create these unique products and help promote and protect the distinctive characteristics of a destination.

During the destination development process (of the DMC and the destination) Mix2Travel can also, if needed, take on most DMC functions and provide hands-on technical assistance, training and mentoring to the staff. We also provide tools and platforms that can be used by the companies to market destinations on an ongoing basis.


With many years of experience running some of European’s most successful companies in the Hotel industry, and with the advantage of having a team that spans the globe, you can entrust your business to Mix2Travel.

We have built strong partnership networks that include countries in Europe, Africa and South America. Our expertise brings together the best practices in the art of hospitality, with global precision and management efficiency.

Mix2Travel Hospitality base for success
• Mix2Travel Hospitality Expertise: Combining excellence in the art of hospitality with intelligent business precision.
• Strenghts: Solid foundations for our continued success and a network of key partners.
•Clarity: Transparent and practical standards and procedures.
• Inspiration: Pro-actively looking to the future.

In short, we are an open, accessible partner committed to excellence.



At Mix2Travel Hospitality, our management processes are straightforward and practical, just like our staff. Mix2Travel Hospitality partners can see this in our competitive, simple and transparent contracts, and business practices. We want our partners to enjoy working with us and to profit from doing so.

Proven Success

Mix2Travel Hospitality was born in Portugal in 2015. This experience allows us to cope with any conceivable scenario, and we have established a solid reputation for achieving unparalleled success.


Franchising is one of the growth strategies that has been most widely used in the last few years by companies from various industries that seek to expand their operational areas and move into niche markets, both internally and abroad.

The main benefits franchising can offer your business are:

Network Growth

Franchisor investment focuses mainly on setting up a framework, as well as systems that support the network, which will expand proportionally to the number of units.

The franchisees invest in setting up their own units.

Geographic Expansion

The franchising system allows products, services, and especially a brand, to expand more rapidly over a geographical area, compared to what could be achieved through a subsidiaries system.

Brand Reinforcement

As the business grows and covers a wider geographical area, more effort is put into promoting the brand – the usage of media resources becomes more intense, while being supported by a stronger marketing policy, thus reinforcing the brand on a local, regional, and national level.

Franchisee Motivation

As a general rule, someone who decides to become a franchisee is highly motivated in terms of maximizing results, especially when compared to operation managers who do not invest their own capital. This aspect motivates franchisees on a different level. They measure success based on their return on investment and work continually to improve it, contributing to the success of the franchise as a whole.

Economies of Scale

Working as part of a network allows the franchisor to negotiate better deals with their suppliers, and these benefits can then be passed on and shared with their network of franchisees.

Strategic Planning

Franchising allows the franchisor to monitor the franchised operation more closely, allowing the planning of future innovations, while the franchisees administer their day to day business.