Air Travel Health Tips

//Air Travel Health Tips

Air Travel Health Tips

Getting sick during the holidays is one of those situations that nobody wants, nor does it think that can happen. However, the key word so that there are no unexpected problems when you are far from home, is prevention. If the last thing a traveler wants to worry about is the disease, basic precautions should be taken in order to minimize the risk of illness and to have a safe trip.
Given that everyone wants a safe trip, before departure, look for the contact of your country embassy or consulate in the country of destination, as well as which hospital is closest to the area where you travel. Nowadays, travel insurance is essential and affordable, look at any travel agency and choose one with good health coverage.

Depending on where you are traveling, especially if you are traveling outside Europe, it is recommended that you book a Traveler Consultation at least 4-6 weeks in advance so that you have time to clear your doubts and make the recommended vaccines, If necessary.

In the Traveler’s Medical Consultation, you can obtain information about health risks related to travel and obtain medical advice geared to the attitudes and precautions to be taken before, during and after travel. A review of the vaccination status of the traveler with recommendation and prescription of the vaccinations indicated for the trip is also made. Information on the risk and prevention of diseases transmitted by the consumption of contaminated water and food, other endemic diseases or outbreaks and their general or specific prevention, as indicated, may also be obtained. It is important to note the recommendation and prescription of the basic medical kit and specific advice to travelers with special characteristics (children, pregnant, elderly) or with chronic illness.

Travel counseling by qualified medical practitioners in the area is determined by the destination and specific characteristics of the travel, as well as by the traveler’s profile and health status through an individualized assessment of the risks associated with the traveler and the travel.

Tips and tricks for a safe and confortable flight

Traveling by plane has become a routine in today’s world. Nothing more commonplace for an ever-increasing number of people, for example, than using the Rio-São Paulo airway, and 50 minutes later reach the destination. More and more people, adults and children, also experience the experience of long-haul air travel, with crowds of young Brazilians embarking on their Miami vacation to Disneyworld. From the medical point of view, there are no drawbacks in flying, except for very few exceptions. Even so, it is always good to take some precautions, as the body may resent changes in atmospheric pressure, a decrease in oxygen tension (the force with which air reaches the lungs), turbulence and, finally, changes caused by Differences in time zones. In addition, one must take into account the psychological stress that an air travel can cause in some people.

The modern jets maintain an atmospheric pressure equivalent to the one of 1200 meters of height. At this level, the air that normally exists in the body’s cavities tends to expand, increasing its volume by about 25 percent. Therefore, when embarking with some type of inflammation in the nose, a worsening may occur due to blockage of the Eustachian tube (the channel that connects the ear to the nasal cavity) or the opening of the paranasal sinuses (cavities that communicate with the nose) . Thus, one can suffer from otitis (ear inflammation) or sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses). To reduce the occurrence of such discomforts, we must resort to some devices, such as yawning frequently, which can be done by moving the lower jaw or swallowing air with a closed nose. Chewing gum also helps. Passengers who know they are having such problems should naturally be prevented by using nasal decongestants.

Already the decrease of the tension of the oxygen inside the airplane is minimal and well tolerated by the vast majority of the travelers. Only those who have severe heart or lung problems should seek medical advice before venturing through the skies. People who have recently had a myocardial infarction should wait ten to fourteen days before flying; The hypertensive ones can embark without problems, provided that properly medicated. Turbulence during flight can sometimes cause nausea.

The symptoms are nausea or vomiting with cold sweat and pallor. Anti-nausea drugs used prophylactically help a lot the few people predisposed to this type of complication. In general, the body’s functions follow a circadian rhythm of 25 hours. Because of it the production of urine, for example, is lower at night. So you can spend long hours without having to go to the bathroom. Keeping up the pace, at night the person only wants to sleep. But when you go through multiple time It will take two to three days for the circadian rhythm to return to normal.

Those who have already been to Japan know this better, because there is a twelve-hour difference between Tokyo and Brasilia. Sitting on a very long trip tends to cause swelling in the feet and ankles, which is normal. For those who have varicose veins, however, it is advisable to move every one to two hours, because although rare, phlebitis (inflammation of the veins) may occur. Since the air inside the plane is drier than the atmosphere, it is also good to ingest more liquids while traveling. As for women who for some reason have a complicated pregnancy, it is advisable to seek the doctor before an air trip. In the case of normal pregnancies, up to the eighth month there is no contraindication; Then only with medical authorization. Finally, there are the psychological factors, of which the most common are fear of flying and claustrophobia. Anyone who is terrified to put their feet inside a plane may take a tranquilizer to travel more relaxed. But no one should get help at the bar: a drink dose to 10 thousand meters of altitude equivalent to at least 2 on land.

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