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B2B Booking Software

The challenge:

The Mix2Book B2B booking software is regarded as the key feature of state-of-the-art technology in online travel portals and is the activity basis for leading companies in the tourist sector, such as hotels, tourist operators, travel agencies and airline networks.

The multitude of innovative tourist business models have formed the basis for requirements in which the Mix2Book solution had to adapt: guaranteeing online booking and payment processing, support for agents in managing networks, multi-enterprise organisation, specific business rules and much more.


Our online booking software solution goes way beyond the standard engines for customer sales. It allows the following operations to be performed:

  • Availability in real time;
  • Disponibilidade em tempo real;
  • Managing contractual conditions, including deposits and credit limits;
  • Effectively promoting special offers and applying discounts;
  • Managing sales options and rates;
  • Ensuring the dynamic package of available travel products and services;
  • Multi-destination search;
  • …and much more!

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Os motores de reservas online para agências de viagens disponibilizam:

In addition, Mix2Book experts use the most effective techniques for improving the performance of the applications they provide in their partners’ day-to-day activity and vice-versa.

To provide even more products for exclusive travel packages, our booking software includes various applications that provide instant access to flights, hotels, transfers, tours, insurance and support in obtaining visas from a large number of global suppliers. The advantage is obvious: more suppliers connected means a wider choice of hotels and tourist activities for travel companies and their agency networks, as well as lower costs and a larger economic area. All these connections are available through our unified XML-Mix2Travel platform.

This is the perfect business solution for travel agencies, tourist operators, hotels and airlines!


The main advantages for our clients offered by the Mix2Book software solutions:

  • XML – connection to over 250 travel suppliers of your choice;
  • Content mapping (no duplicate search results);
  • Commission and mark-up management;
  • Operational management and control;
  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Multi-destination booking solutions;
  • …and much more!

The Mix2Be engine performance capability is mainly based on components of the Mix2Travel booking software platform. The system settings and properties are tailored to each customer’s specific needs. You can view examples of solutions developed on the basis of the Mix2Be platform functionality (www.mix2be.com).

We have wide experience in developing software solutions for travel websites for tourist market operators.

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